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Building the Future


Estimating. Pure. Simple.

CostVue is a construction cost estimating software tool created from a collaboration of industry experts with decades of experience, and highly experienced veteran software architects and engineers. It is built on the latest Microsoft technologies and tools to assure future longevity and continued support and enhancements. Our team of engineers will maintain and continuously enhance the system to assure that CostVue always stays relevant and current regardless of what new technologies or platforms arise in the future. Careful thought was given to how the underlying data is organized and presented for ease of use. Many of these decisions were meant to not only provide flexibility for the future but sidestep pitfalls of existing legacy systems.

What we Do

Built for the Future

CostVue is a standalone solution built on current Microsoft.NET and SQL Server platforms. It is Windows 10 compatible and has ability to integrate industry cost libraries. The flexibility of the system allows it to be run in an online or offline (stand-alone) environment. Import tools for “existing legacy systems data” allow compatibility for a seamless transition from old or unsupported technology to a system with new life and support.

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Our Future Release Roadmap:

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  • Parametric Modeling
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Detailed Discussion

Please fill out this short form and we will contact you to discuss details, answer your questions, and provide a demonstration of CostVue in action. By learning about your environment and specific needs, we can show how a transition to CostVue will be seamless, quick and cost effective.